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Empowered Movement

Want to open a VICTRESS MVMT™ women’s fitness franchise location in a city near you? Apply online and schedule a discovery call with us today!


VICTRESS MVMT fitness methodology is founded on the principle of making sure every stage of a woman’s unique physiology is addressed with evidence based programming. Utilizing progressive overload strength principles, we use intentional progression in sets, repetitions, movements or time under tension to make sure that we are achieving appropriate progress in movement and strength. Every stage of life for a woman comes with changes internally and externally and we are here to make sure that movement within each stage changes to best meet their needs.

Women’s Fitness

Our general fitness programming follows five different cycles ranging from eight to sixteen weeks in length, founded in strength training with cardiovascular stimulus as well.


Prenatal programming program is written with intentionality of pregnancy progression and physical changes of weeks four through forty-two.


Movement in the postpartum healing phase is meant to be slow with emphasis on core and posterior chain activation and strength.

Pre+Post Menopause

Our menopause programming takes into account the fluctuations in abilities to recover, changes in body composition and increased need for strength training.


VICTRESS MVMT set out to be different. Our coaches use evidence-based techniques to train our members in each stage of life, ultimately improving strength and overall health through safe, functional movement. We are dedicated to creating meaningful change in the world, and we believe that change can start with movement. We’ve seen firsthand how creating a space that positively impacts our members can be a catalyst for a positive impact on the world around them.


Connect with a supportive and uplifting community that thrives on mutual success and collaboration


Every day brings the opportunity to empower and inspire, making a real difference in people's lives


Achieve the perfect balance between personal well-being and professional growth, for a fulfilling life experience


Embrace the freedom to shape your business journey with a flexible and adaptable operational model


Receive continuous support and expert advice, ensuring every aspect of your business flourishes


Gain the confidence and skills needed to succeed, backed by comprehensive tools and training

How It All Started

When VICTRESS was founded in 2018, by Stasi Grenfell and Stacy Orsborn, the vision was simple: Create a space for women to come together at any stage of their life, especially in the motherhood transition, to find education, community and empowered movement in functional fitness.

Stasi Grenfell Stacy Orsborn Victress History

Our Mission

We specialize in women’s fitness and intentional training for the various stages of the female life cycle.

Founded on the simple belief that movement should be intentional and strength is transformative, we’re here to empower you through movement, thoughtfully programmed to meet you in every stage of life.



Mission Driven, Value Focus





Growth Oriented

Solutions Focused





Self/Peer Accountability

Time Management & Productivity


Women's Group Fitness Victress


Strength focused; empowered movement is the name of our game. Each programming cycle is built upon the foundations of breathing patterns and core stabilization. Stimulus will vary, but you’ll find a balanced blend of strength training and metabolic conditioning in each workout. Each class is one hour in length and includes a dynamic warm-up, strength training component and workout of the day. All new members are required to complete a comprehensive Onboarding prior to beginning group classes.


The transition into motherhood can be one of the most empowering and rewarding experiences in a woman’s life. We believe in approaching exercise during this stage of life with intentional awareness to changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy as well as postpartum sets a foundation of success and empowerment for many years to come.

Our Prenatal Program is week specific programming over the course of pregnancy. The Postpartum MVMT Series is a month-long workshop program with the intention to rebuild and connect to your core and major muscle groups, gain knowledge and tools in regards to nutrition and healing timelines, and connect with other women in similar stages of life. Return to Movement Postpartum is a four week program written to fill in the need for a few more weeks of intentional programming after completing the Postpartum MVMT series and before returning to group class.

Prenatal Programming Victress
HERA Perimenopause Victress


Taking into account the average ten years that a woman spends in the perimenopause transition, over half of her life is spent within this stage of life. We recognize the need for movement programming that takes into account the fluctuation and then loss of hormones that have been regulating much of our performance up to this point. Our menopause programming prioritizes strength, appropriate cardiovascular and plyometric intensities as well as balance. We recommend women in this stage of life to lean in, with intention and push harder in your training sessions, while prioritizing recovery and daily movement.


Exercise and frequent activity for youth is critical to their ability to develop into happy, healthy, active adults. Our intro to weightlifting program equips our younger generation with the tools to feel safe and empowered when they enter a weight room. Each one-hour class is dedicated to education and practice of basic lifting techniques while building strength and endurance. Limited and Unlimited Memberships available!

Young Athletes Victress
Personal Training Victress


Not quite ready for a group class setting? Considering returning to movement after injury or life event? Prefer more individual attention? Our multi-talented team is also equipped for individual training! These one-on-one sessions are unique to you and your specific goals. Personal Training services are separate from membership. Coach availability and pricing varies.


What is the cost of franchising?

Total cost ranges $100,000-$550,000.

What does the cost include?

This is dependent on a number of factors, including the local cost of buildout, whether a landlord offers tenant improvement, and more. Our pricing model includes all start-up cost, equipment needed and three month’s rent and overhead.

Can I own my territory?

Because the nature of this work is so personal and results-driven, we do not allow our franchisees to own territories. However, we will allow multiple locations to a specific owner if results are proven.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes – We don’t offer direct financing, but will serve as a connector to resources.

Will you help me find a location?

Yes – we’re dedicated to the success of our franchisees and will assist in the process from time they sign an agreement to six months post opening. That support includes feasibility analysis, location scouting, demographic analysis and more.

What training will you provide for me and my staff?

We have a proprietary and robust training program focused on the VICTRESS Methodology. We’re focused on the success of each location, and believe our franchisees will find an unmatched level of support with VICTRESS. We’re not putting anyone in the position to fail.

What ongoing support will you provide for managing my business?

We have a robust support offering through the first six months of opening, and will continue to support each location with the latest training methodologies, education, brand support, and marketing strategy.


Stasi Grenfell Victress Owner

Stasi Grenfell

As CEO, I bring almost twenty years of business management expertise to the table, along with eight years of consulting and six years as a business owner. My unwavering passion is to support and elevate all women—our franchisees, their dedicated staff, and every impacted member. I see myself as a change agent with a clear and purposeful mission, and it's incredibly fulfilling to lead 'VICTRESS' toward this vision.

My commitment to empowering women in franchise ownership is not limited to the franchisees alone; it extends to all women who have been influenced by the vision and mission of 'VICTRESS.' I bring my extensive experience and a focus on mentorship to this mission. As the CEO, I wholeheartedly dedicate myself to elevating all women in the world of franchise business, always working towards success with a strong sense of purpose and impact.

Stacy Orsborn Victress Owner
President of Fitness

Stacy Orsborn

As President of Fitness at Victress MVMT™, I bring six plus years of experience in hands on training, head coaching, gym ownership & professional collaboration. I thrive on constant learning and exploration, continuously evolving to stay at the forefront of women's health and fitness. Understanding the ever-changing needs and science behind women's physiology fuels my approach. Each woman is unique, and I deeply believe in crafting training programs that cater to individual strengths, challenges, and goals. Tailoring workouts and plans to suit specific needs is where true progress begins.

It is also my responsibility to make sure each VICTRESS MVMT™ location is passionate about fostering a supportive environment where women can connect, grow together, and feel empowered as a team. At VICTRESS MVMT™, it's not just about physical training; it's about empowering women at every stage of life. I take pride in providing a supportive, encouraging, and knowledgeable space where women can thrive and achieve their fitness and wellness goals. Be it at an individual, local, or corporate level I'm committed to elevating each VICTRESS MVMT™ location one woman at a time. Every success, every personal victory achieved by the women I work with & for, fuels my dedication to our collective mission.

Nichole Coahran-Kohlman, COO VictressMVMT
Chief Operating Officer

Nichole Coahran-Kohlman

With over 18 years in fitness, I began with a degree in exercise science and transitioned into personal training. At Orangetheory and F45, I advanced from coach to manager, launching new studios and driving excellence. Later at Hotworx, I supported franchisees in building successful studios, focusing on performance and profitability. I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs create fitness franchises that resonate with their community and inspire others to discover their fitness passion.
Amber Thome Victress Lead Strategy Officer
Lead Strategy Officer

Amber Thome

I'm Amber, our Lead Strategy Officer with 15+ years of experience in the fitness industry. I have a Master of Science in Kinesiology/Fitness Management and a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. I'm certified by ACSM, Precision Nutrition, and GGS, and specialize in coaching women through their life cycle.

As a mother of two, I prioritize staying active and am dedicated to helping women incorporate exercise, balanced nutrition, and self-care into their busy lives. I'm passionate about my creating sustainable infrastructure within mission-driven businesses, and aligning strategic actions to drive the VICTRESS MVMT™ mission forward.

Mary Sullivan Marketing Director VictressMVMT
Marketing Director

Mary Sullivan

I’m Mary, the Marketing Director at VictressMVMT, where I bring over a decade of marketing experience from a variety of industries including finance, software, and higher education. My additional background in marketing education has allowed me to not only develop effective strategies but also to educate and lead our efforts with clarity and insight.

In addition to my marketing career, I've spent the last 7 years working with and coaching young female athletes, which has been one of the most rewarding parts of my journey. This combination of coaching and teaching has deepened my commitment to making fitness and health approachable for everyone.

Abby Holm Victress Leadership
Franchise Relations Manager

Abby Holm

As a passionate advocate for women’s health and empowerment, I am honored to lead the way as the Franchise Relations Manager on the corporate level. With a deep commitment to fostering growth, building strong relationships, and nurturing connectedness; my role goes beyond just franchise management. It's about creating a vibrant community within each VICTRESS MVMT™ community where women can thrive, connect, and support one another.

Additionally, as the Franchise Event Planning Coordinator, I will provide exclusive gatherings that bring together franchisees from all around the country. Together, we’ll celebrate our shared successes and growth, fostering a dynamic network of women who lift each other up and make dreams come true.

It's an exciting road ahead and I can’t wait to make a difference one woman at a time!

Let's Build a Movement. Together.